There is no boring moment at Bohol. One may opt to relax at the beach or

entertained by adventures tours on magnificent Panglao or Bohol Island.


                            Choholate hills tour                                                                            Danao Adventure Park tour


                                 Mag aso Falls tour                                                                   Dolphin watching & Balicasaq tour


              Diving tours or snorkling at Balicasaq Island                                                             Lococ River


                               Dumalun beach                                                                                            Bohol beach club


                                  Blood compact                                                                                   Hanging brige in Sevilla


                            The biggest Python                                                                            Hindigan cave Panglao


                         Biliard at Aces sportsclub                                                           Poker turnament at Aces sportsclub





The Chocolate Hills Tour :  2.900 PHP (good for 8 person)

v  Blood Compact Shrine

v  Baclayon Church & Museum

v  Tarsier in Loboc

v  Loboc River Cruise w/ Lunch (lunch not incl)

v  Bilar Man-made Forest

v  Chocolate Hills

v  Hanging Bridge

v  Python in Albur

v  Souvenir Shop

Food and fees not incl


Danoao Adaventure Park Tour:   4.500PHP (good for 8 person)


Dolphin watching incl. Balicasaq Tour:  

1.800PHP (good for 1-5 person)

2.000PHP (good for 6-8 person)

2.100PHP (good for 10 person)



-Dolphin watching  06.00am

-Balicasaq Island

-Snorling at the reef.

-Virgin Island


Mag aso Falls tour:  2.500PHP (good for 8 person)

Bohol beach Club, Dumaluan beach :   500 PHP roundtrip (good for 8 person)

Tagbilaran city round trip:   1.000 PHP (good for 8 person)


Bike renting;

24-hours rent, one of our Honda XRM 125cc or Kawasaki 130cc

Discover the Island by your own. Only 350PHP/day